You have loved
with all your heart and soul.
These past years
your heart has been breaking
because heaven itself
your abandoned heart.
Our greatest battle
You have been
caught off guard
and unhealed.
Rise up again.



We were not enough

we starved ourselves as children

hoping that one day,

our parents would show us the way.

But too often we found flaws

in what was meant to be their affection.

So we reached out to the stars and skies

and crafted something ethereal

from the fires we found.


The angels are watching over us.


This was a promise we hoped that would save us.

In temptations of our sins

and increasing loneliness.

We prayed they would guide us

and grant us forgiveness,

to be that what we could never be.


But we were asking for too much

from creatures that weren’t yet born.

Angels will not save you, my child,

it’s time you learnt why the angels fall.