Most days now, I am at peace. But then I dream
of your eyes and your smile
and wake up expecting them to be
on the pillow next to mine.

But you’re gone
and all at once I am undone.


The process

I have waited for days now,

as misery’s firm grip takes hold, 

for the healing to begin and the words flow.

But the ink still waits and I know

its because I really can’t let go.


The dreamers weave

through lonely streets

calling a name they dare not speak

too loud or too quietly.


The gutters clog and splutter,

rancid smells of life’s decay

tells them to go home

it’s too late.


They march on like soldiers

hoping to find the light

the way.


Some of them turn back and admit defeat

accepting a rundown neighbourhood

with broken windows

just like their dreams.


Is this all

that there is,

of human durability?


I suppose we all accept our own version of

a two-bed terrace one day.

After all,

who wants a mansion

when there are only ghosts

to haunt the hallways?

Come home

There is a coffee stain on the windowsill

where someone has waited anxiously

for someone else to come home.

The streets are quiet and haunted,

no whispers of life left:

most of them sleep with murmurs

and it’s in this darkness, panic can grow.


Staring at the call log and unread messages,

begging and praying-

Please. Please come home.

It is unfair to torture the soul so.

Because deep down, it knows,

like the bitter taste of that coffee,

they are never coming home.


We were not enough

we starved ourselves as children

hoping that one day,

our parents would show us the way.

But too often we found flaws

in what was meant to be their affection.

So we reached out to the stars and skies

and crafted something ethereal

from the fires we found.


The angels are watching over us.


This was a promise we hoped that would save us.

In temptations of our sins

and increasing loneliness.

We prayed they would guide us

and grant us forgiveness,

to be that what we could never be.


But we were asking for too much

from creatures that weren’t yet born.

Angels will not save you, my child,

it’s time you learnt why the angels fall.