Most days now, I am at peace. But then I dream
of your eyes and your smile
and wake up expecting them to be
on the pillow next to mine.

But you’re gone
and all at once I am undone.


The process

I have waited for days now,

as misery’s firm grip takes hold, 

for the healing to begin and the words flow.

But the ink still waits and I know

its because I really can’t let go.

Come home

There is a coffee stain on the windowsill

where someone has waited anxiously

for someone else to come home.

The streets are quiet and haunted,

no whispers of life left:

most of them sleep with murmurs

and it’s in this darkness, panic can grow.


Staring at the call log and unread messages,

begging and praying-

Please. Please come home.

It is unfair to torture the soul so.

Because deep down, it knows,

like the bitter taste of that coffee,

they are never coming home.