Like cancer

I think too much

and say to little

most of which is




If I am writing poetry again
please know this;
this is a disquiet pain
keeping me awake at night.
I need you to hear it
something needs to heal it.


I don’t really know how to-


I don’t understand

why certain things I say

upset them.

Or why

some people behave

the way they do.

I try to find

the best in everyone

and have often been proven wrong.

This is not an excuse

I have a soft heart

and all my actions and words

come from no evil.

I often feel like I haven’t been myself for years-

But isn’t this how all humans feel?


This will be the first time my heart breaks:
when I open social media
and see that you have chosen her over me.

I didn’t even know she existed.

Strange that only a week ago we were in bed
and you whispered sweet nothings
and made me believe that we were meant to be.

You were the first I let in and you convinced me
for years to come that
I’d never be worthy.